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Providing non-profit organisations access to easy & optimal measurement of program impact through analysis and reporting

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Why M4I?

Say goodbye to long sheets. Use an effective, simple to use platform to monitor, and evaluate your efforts.
Share your program outcome with team members and funders.

Create and share custom reports

Create custom analytical reports for program operational tracking and outcomes measurement

Track key parameters

See what is important for your organisation and make quick assessments based on your data

Get insights on your program impact

Derive meaningful insights and take course corrective measures

Use cases

Find out how you can use M4I for your NPO


Measure the impact of Livelihood programs across key economic and programmatic parameters.


Measure the impact of Employability programs tracking participant progress across financial attributes.


Measure the impact of skilling projects across recognition of prior learning and development of soft skills, core proficiencies and leadership qualities.


Customise dashboard

Create and customise for visibility into your organisation's program performance.

Comprehensive list of impact indicators

Track progress and program completion by choosing from a wide-range of impact indicators designed specially for NPOs and their programs.

Multi-Level Tracking

Multi-level, geographical program tracking across sectors.

Third Party Integration

Ability to integrate across in-use third-party data collection applications.

Encrypted data security

Data is encrypted and therefore rendered unreadable to unauthorized users and hackers, safeguarded and protected from corruption.

Easy import and downloading of reports

Data input made easier with csv file support. One click download of your reports and dashboards.

You're in good company!

 The M&E platform helped us to spend less time in designing the program metrics and focus more on the programs. 

- a famous NPO

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the M4I Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) platform?

    ‘Measure for Impact’ (M4I) is essentially a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) tool, a custom-built platform to help non-profit organizations effectively monitor their projects and efficiently measure the impact of their development work.

  2. Who can use this tool?

    The M4I is an Open Access social impact analytical platform. It is accessible, free-of-charge to all purpose-driven, registered non-profit organizations with valid documentation.

  3. Why should I use this tool?

    The M4I tool provides organizations instant project tracking updates in terms of program inputs, program outputs and program outcomes as well as ready-to-use visualization dashboards to gauge developmental impact on beneficiary population.

  4. How does this tool add value to my organization? What resources will I save by using this tool?

    M4I is an automated solution for organizing, analyzing and interpreting social development program data as well as for generating custom reports embedded with insightful info-graphics. The M4I tool can effectively help organizations save valuable man-hours and financial resources by automating manual project monitoring activities

  1. How many projects can I add?

    You can add multiple projects from the ‘Add new project’ button in your ‘Organization dashboard’ which appears after you successfully set-up and verify your account. For the user guide and more details, click here.

  2. Why can’t I see the project I just added?

    Refresh your ‘Organization dashboard’ after adding a project and check again. For more details, refer to user guide here or contact us here.

  3. How do I remove or delete a project?

    Choose the project you want to delete. Then click on ‘Project Settings’ tab, and click on ‘Remove this project’ button. The project will be deleted.

  1. How many programs can I add?

    Organizations can add as many programs as desired within a project by clicking on the ‘Add Program’ button after selecting the project from the ‘Organization Dashboard’.

  2. Why can’t I see the program I just added?

    Refresh your ‘Project dashboard’ after adding a program and check again. For more details, refer to user guide here or contact us here.

  3. How can I remove a program?

    Click on the Delete icon next to your program to delete it.

  1. Why can’t I see the output graphics of the program?

    The system will only show output for the data that has been entered correctly. Kindly visit the beneficiary database and cross-check for valid information.

  2. Why can’t I see the outcome graphics of the program?

    The system will only show outcome for the data that has been entered correctly. Kindly visit the beneficiary database and cross-check for valid information.

  3. How do I create specific results for a program?

    Highly customized reports are available only to the premium users of our platform. Kindly upgrade to the premium version to have access to this feature.

  4. How do I download the program status report?

    Select the Reports tab in the sidebar and click on ‘Analytics’ button. Choose the parameter for which you wish to view the progress by clicking on ‘View’. Click on ‘View’ above the sub-parameter of interest. Click ‘Download’ for the output & outcome you wish to download in a JPEG format.

  5. How do I download the overall project status report?

    Select the Reports tab in the sidebar and click on ‘Analytics’ button. On the top-right of your screen, click on ‘Download Project Snapshot’ button to download an overview of project, including number of beneficiaries, baseline and endline completion status and demographic breakup.

  1. How long can I store the data on the system?

    Free users can store data on the platform for a duration of 3 years or 12 quarters. For paid users of the platform, the duration period can be determined on a case-by-case basis.

  2. Can I download the data?

    Yes. Beneficiary data can be downloaded onto your system by clicking on ‘Beneficiaries’ tab on the side-bar, then clicking on ‘Download beneficiaries’ button. The downloaded report will be in an Excel (.xlsx) format.

  3. How can I backup my data?

    The data is automatically backed-up daily by the platform. There is no need to manually back-up data.

  4. How do I authenticate a new user from my organization to use the platform?

    New users to an existing organization can be added by sending them an invitation to be on the platform. The users will be verified by the M4I team to onboard them onto the platform.

  1. How do I secure my data?

    The data on the platform is stored on cloud-based infrastructure. The data in-transit between the end user and platform is encrypted using SSL certificates.

  2. Who else has access to the data?

    The data on the platform is available only to the users of the organization. Different organizations cannot access each other’s data between them

  1. What are Project Settings?

    The ‘Project Settings’ button will assist you to generate the optimal number of sample beneficiaries needed to conduct project endline assessment, while maintaining the accuracy of the estimate. The tool automatically generates a list of beneficiaries required for endline analysis based on the confidence interval and margin of error specified by you.

  2. What is a ‘Confidence Interval’?

    The Confidence Interval specifies the certainty associated with a sampling method. A 90% Confidence Interval implies that we would expect 90% of the various, randomized sample estimates to include the population parameter (for example, average beneficiary income).

  3. How do I select a different margin of error?

    The Open Access version of the tool has a pre-selected 5% level of margin of error.

  1. What are the types of services that I can choose from?

    The premium version of the tool gives you the access to a large set of customizations to the already existing features and enables you to monitor and evaluate your projects with higher precision and nuanced analysis.

  2. What additional services/benefits do I get in the premium feature?

    You get access to customized analytical parameters and enhanced report formats in the premium version of the tool.

  3. Can I get a customized tool in the premium feature?

    Yes. The premium feature will further customize the existing tool features.

  4. How do I access the platform after a term of 3 years or 12 quarters?

    You will have to subscribe to the premium feature of the tool after 3 years or 12 quarters.